Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conflicts. Of the Scheduling Kind

Now that time has become a much needed and little had luxury, I find myself making death threats to people who mess up my schedule or come in the way of the little down time I may have. Now to make the situation perfectly understood, I go to school four days a week (like I said 4 Literature classes and a Piano class) and work six days a week (Saturday being the only time I don't work and don't have school) and on that day, I expect to do a lot of what I used to do not but a month ago - veg out in front of a television, leave everything for another day, and pretend I have no worries or other responsibilities in my life that require my time and effort.

Now I'm writing about this because today, on my one and only day off, I am being forced to do domestic work that should have been done long ago by my roommate. The argument has been made to me by a third party that I'm 22 and "welcome to being an adult". Also, the fact that my roommate is two years younger than me led to a "you're an adult, she's a kid" argument which quite frankly I don't appreciate.

Yes, I believe that at 20 you should be having fun and not focusing all of your energy on work - totally agreed - but when you only have one class during a semester and nothing else to do but one demanding extra curricular, I'm sorry but I don't have much sympathy for telling you to do the laundry when its just about the only chore you have.

And yes, I understand as someone two years old I should be farther ahead in my life, accepting more responsibility but at the same time, everyone has a breaking point and for this party (who by the way is not exactly responsibility and work ethic personified) to tell me it's life deal with it, honestly just bothers me and has me seeing red.

What does she know of being an A college student?
Not much.

What does she know about having your life dictated by work?
And while I do admit that in these past few years she has become better at her work oriented shortcomings, she still never gets to work on time, makes her own hours despite being expected to follow a schedule, and sometimes just decides not to go to work and telecommute instead - resulting in her doing nothing but watching reruns of The Real Housewives of insert city.

But enough with my complaining over this. The point of this post was supposed to be about clients not keeping their own schedule.

Now when you're a tutor or a babysitter, usually you're following your employer's schedule and your life gets rearranged around that.

What's that? Want to hang out with your friends?
Wait till the weekend, your employer wants you to work till seven.

What's that it's your birthday?
Wait until the weekend to celebrate.

What's that your favorite show is on?
Better Hulu that bad boy on the weekend so you make sure you're not too far behind.

I think you're starting to see the pattern here.

So while I'm putting everything aside, being organized with time and material for other people's children, all I expect is that if an appointment needs to be canceled someone can tell me ahead of time instead of my finding out when I've already commuted and waited for several minutes to be told that the appointment has been canceled and needs to be rescheduled for a day when honestly, I would prefer to have less work.

I swear going through the trouble of getting somewhere and being told never mind is like being Punked.

"What you thought you were going to get into the apartment and get paid today? In your dreams! You've been Punked!!! Now get your ass home."

*I apologize for all of the dry sarcastic humor of this post, I'm not exactly in cheery spirits today*

And then you're in the train ride home thinking about how you could have just gone straight home if you'd been told ahead of time, about how it was a waste of a train fare on the $10 Metrocard you had to buy because your boss STILL hasn't paid you yet and so haven't purchased your monthly card. And then you start to get a bit miffed because you have a headache and wasted a ton of your time - which you could have spent sleeping (man, you miss sleep) or watching TV on an actual TV (no laptop of catch-up shows for you today, we're getting fancy and actually staring at the tube).

When you have no time to do anything but work and study, small menial things suddenly become a luxury and the fact that these small things are suddenly a big deal makes you go ape-shit crazy when someone tries to take them away from you. Now I'm not saying I'm going to go all Micheal Tyson and bite someone's ear off but I can't promise I won't put on some waterworks and yell and practically hyperventilate over having to do laundry someone else should have been doing instead.

Which I apologize for but if you still wanna be a jerk about, feel free and take some of my work days off my hands. Then I'm sure I'll be much saner and less inclined to throw titty-tantrums about things you deem insignificant.

To everyone out there who has no time to do anything, I feel your pain. Try to stay sane and not lose you shit too often. And to those of you who have nothing but time on your hands, or who thinks everyone should be accustomed to having no time for themselves, that people should shut up and grow up, I have to say as politely as possible...


Try to be more understanding. I commend you if you have the Herculean ability to be overworked without it taking a tole on you but not everyone has your strength. Some of us are still trying to figure things out and your condescension isn't helping, in fact, its just down right insulting and discouraging.

So my suggestion is to eat chocolate, drink soda, and go about your schedule (whatever it may be) without losing your cool if you can help it and being understanding towards those that do.

Till Next Time

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